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Song of the Week

Bey Ya

Do you think Beyonce has a boat called Buoynacy? If not Young Jeffery is taking it. […]


Snapchat is like the disposal camera of 2018 Young Jeffery snaps everything and anything from […]

Sweet Sugar High

Young Jeffery is headed for the Hersey Highway this Easter Weekend. We learned that it […]

Stuck With Your Parents

Family Vacations are great! Until you’re stuck with your parents in the car for hours, […]

Shopping Carts

The struggle of grocery shopping, as told by Young Jeffery. Who hasn’t wanted to punch […]

Fairy Tale One

Young Jeffery Loves Fairy Tales Do you think fairy tales would sound different if they […]

I Love My Bank Teller

Young Jeffery is Cashin’ Checks and Snappin Necks in this weeks song Everybody remembers T-Pain’s Bartender,Right? Young Jeffery […]

2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics get underway tonight! Do you ever watch and wonder why the Russian Judge […]