New Years Traditions

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Sure fire ways to gain good luck in 2018

Brooke and Jubal have uncovered the best ways to start the new year with some good luck.

In Latin America the color of your underwear can determine a lot

Underwear Color

  • Yellow- Wealth and Prosperity
  • Red- Passion and Love
  • Brown- Security and Protection

In Spain your year will be extra lucky if you stuff your mouth full of grapes for every chime of the clock at Midnight

In Russia people write down their wishes and then burn the paper and put it in champagne and drink it

In Romania farmers will whisper their hopes and dreams into the ears of their animals and if they repeat it back to you you get good luck

In Denmark people will o to your friends house and smash their old dish ware. The more broken plates on your front door the better luck you will have in the new year.

In Estonia people will eat 12 full meals on new years eve and will give you strength of 12 men for the whole year

In Scotland men clean the house from top to bottom, New Year Clean house.



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