ScottyTacoBody’s Anti-Christmas List

ScottyTacoBody’s Anti Christmas List

Instead of putting together a list of things I want for Christmas this year. This is what I DON’T WANT

  1. UGLY CLOTHING –My GF says I have enough ugly clothes
  2. Toiletry Kit- Who needs a kit for the Toilet?
  3. Bath Salts- Baths are for Girls
  4. Socks- My Grandma gets me some every year
  5. T-Shirts with funny sayings-If it isn’t StarWars themed I won’t wear it.
  6. Movies I’ve already bootlegged-  I already stole them
  7. Candles- I am a boy
  8. A Handkerchief- Who Uses those any more?
  9. Scarfs?- My Neck is naturally warm.
  10. Soap on a Rope- I have no plans to go to prison this year.




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